Keter Store it Out Ultra Bike Store in Cricklade, Gloucestershire for sale

Keter Store it Out Ultra Bike Store

Keter Bike Store
Used, in good condition
The Store It Out Ultra bike store offers XXL patio storage for outdoor items, accommodates 4 bikes (2 adults, 2 child).
Material: Polypropylene.
Floor material and type: Polypropylene.
Dimensions of exterior: (H)4ft 5in, (W)5ft 10in, (D)3ft 8in.
Dimensions of interior: (H)4ft 2in, (W)5ft 5in, (D)3ft 2in.
Dimensions of base: (W)1.765, (D)1.11m.
Material of roof: Polypropylene.
Colour: Beige with brown accenting.
Features: Piston operated lid, lid-lifters for wheelie bins, secondary door bolt.
Capacity: 2000L.
Construction: Decorative wood effect.
Number of doors: 2.
Type of roof: Barrel.
Usage: Suitable for storage of bicycles (2 adults, 2 children), 2 360L wheelie bins, garden equipment, etc.